Communication Sites

Communications systems, as used by public safety entities, consist of mobile and fixed stations.  Fixed stations operate from locations known in Bonner County as Communication Sites.  Bonner County operates many fixed stations as part of its communications network.  More than just a radio and antenna, a Communications Site includes power systems, ground systems, tower facilities, environmental controls, and more.  Most sites support many fixed stations and it is common to find a variety of public safety, commercial, industrial and amateur radio users at most sites.

There are currently eleven active Communication Sites providing coverage to Bonner County, with several pending future sites. It is the goal of Bonner County Communications to improve communications interoperability while at the same time maintaining current systems. For more information about each site, click the site links on the left, under "Communication Sites." Registered Users are able to leave comments and add additional information. Please utilize the Forums to ask questions regarding the sites, and remember that as a Registered User you can also create your own Forum topics.


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