Governance Info

The SIEC defines the focus of governance as:

  • Local / Practioner Driven Governance
  • Promote shared decision making within each component
  • Promote transparency
  • Promote sustainability
  • Establish and articulate a shared understanding of goals
  • Establish an oversight body
  • Seek legislation or gubernatorial authority
  • Actively engage stakeholders 

*from the Idaho Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC) website.


District Presentation (PowerPoint)

The IAC June 2009 Presentation (PowerPoint)

A presentation by Commissioner Joe Young outlining the Idaho Regional Interoperable Communications Governance.



SIEC Contact Information:

Idaho Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC)
C/O The Idaho Military Division
4040 Guard St., Bldg 600
Boise, ID 83705
Phone: (208) 422-5121
FAX: (208) 422-6418


The Governance Forum


Governance Boards

The RIGB, DIGB, and BCIGB exists to establish a partnership among the users of public safety emergency communications with regions in order to enhance communication interoperability capabilites.

The Bonner County Interoperability Governance Board (BCIGB)


The District Interoperability Governance Board (DIGB)


The Regional Interoperability Governance Board (RIGB)




Governance Documents

Resolution (draft) - Interoperable Communications Governance (July 2009)

Charter (draft) - Governance (July 2009)

MOU (draft) - SIEC and RIGB (July 2009)

By-Laws (draft) - RIGB (July 2009)

Frequently Asked Questions

Idaho Counties by Region (SIEC - 2009)


Idaho Open Meeting Law Manual

When They Can't Talk - What Public Officials Need to Know about Interoperability

SIEC sample letter -  Removing the three region layer governance structure and having just six districts or regions.

Governance Contacts

Governance and Related Links

The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security (BHS), Interoperable Communications Section - The Communications section manages, maintains, and repairs Telecommunications, Information Technology, and Warning Systems located statewide and in the State Emergency Operations Center that support all functions and programs in Emergency Management.


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)