New:  Interoperability Analysis for DIGB1, presented by Scott Grimmett, Industrial Communications



Notice:  Bonner County Agencies - please check your CTA survey results for accuracy and update as necessary.

State and local governments, including Bonner County, are working to achieve interoperability within a plan set forth by the Statewide Communications Interoperability Plan (SCIP).  The SCIP, presented by the Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC), provides an introduction, background and overview for interoperability in Idaho, including goals and objectives of the plan.

The SCIP was preceded by the Idaho Cooperative Agencies’ Wireless Interoperable Network (I-C-A-WIN) which is the radio interoperability concept plan for Idaho.

The SIEC produced an SIEC powerpoint presentation to outline how they are utilizing a Governance model to help guide Idaho to successful interoperability.

Specific to Bonner County, a Interoperable Communications Concept Plan (May 18, 2007) is also available to provide additional understanding of the initial plan.


CTA Study - A survey was taken by CTA Communications, a communications engineering consulting company, to collect data which would indicate interoperability needs.


Bureau of Homeland Security and P25 trunked radio standards - a letter reaffirming their position.


When They Can't Talk - Lives Are Lost is a pdf in brochure created by the National Association of Counties to answer some common Interoperability questions such as:

  • Why is this [interoperability] important to you?
  • Why can't they [public safety] just use cell phones?
  • Why aren't public safety communications already interoperable?
  • How can you achieve interoperability?



Heard Across Montana - An electronic newsletter in support of public safety services in Montana.



The Interoperability Forum

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